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FIELD OF DREAMS Van Buren, Arkansas


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American Division                         National Division
Southeast Lexington, KY             Pittsfield, MA
Brazoswood, TX                             Lumber River, NC
Hi-Tower, MN                                 Niskayuna, NY
El Segundo, CA                             Kelso, WA
Harrison, AR                                  Host: Van Buren, AR
Friday, August 17             5:30 pm     Harrison, AR vs Hi-Town, MN
                                              7:45 pm     Van Buren, AR vs Lumber River, NC
Saturday August 18       12:00 pm     SE Lexington, KY vs El Segundo, CA
                                              2:15 pm     Lumber River, NC vs Kelso, WA
                                              5:30 pm     Brazoswood, TX vs Harrison, AR
                                              7:45 pm     Niskayuna, NY vs Van Buren, AR
Sunday August 19         12:00 pm     El Segundo, CA vs Hi-Tower, MN
                                              2:15 pm     Kelso, WA vs Niskayuna, NY
                                              5:30 pm     Harrison, AR vs SE Lexington, KY
                                              7:45 pm     Van Buren, AR vs Pittsfield, MA
Monday August 20        12:00 pm     SE Lexington, KY vs Brazoswood, TX
                                              2:15 pm     Pittsfield, MA vs Niskayuna, NY
Tuesday August 21       12:00 pm     Hi-Tower, MN vs SE Lexington, KY
                                              2:15 pm     Lumber River, NC vs Pittsfield, MA
                                              5:30 pm     Brazoswood, TX vs El Segundo, CA
                                              7:45 pm     Kelso, WA vs. Van Buren, AR
Wednesday August 22 12:00 pm      Niskayuna, NY vs Lumber River, NC
                                             2:15 pm      Pittsfield, MA vs Kelso, WA
                                             5:30 pm      Hi-Tower, MN vs Brazoswood, TX
                                             7:45 pm      El Segundo, CA vs Harrison, AR
Thursday August 23      5:30 pm      3rd Place American vs 2nd Place National
                                            7:45 pm      3rd Place National vs 2nd Place American
Friday August 24            5:30 pm      Winner Game 21 vs 1st Place American
                                            7:45 pm      Winner Game 22 vs 1st Place National
Saturday August 25       1:00 pm     The Championship                    

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